Gulf Syntrac

Gulf Syntrac

​Gulf Syntrac

The power we experience from our bikes is exhilarating, but running at peak performance pushes the engine and lubricants to the limit. To keep your engine and gear components safe, healthy and at peak performance, you need an oil with superior protective qualities. You need Gulf Syntrac.​


Gulf Syntrac​With our motorcycle oil

Push Your Limits

For sustained peak performance, look no further than Gulf Syntrac.

A race-ready formula for high-performance superbikes, Gulf Syntrac is formulated to help your motorcycle withstand the rigours of race-like conditions. This advanced full synthetic oil contains next-generation additives and superior base stocks, which help to protect your engine against deposits that impair performance. Gulf Syntrac's superior protective qualities keep a robust oil film on vital gear and engine components, helping to prevent clutch slippage, and ensuring continuous performance in high load, high-temperature and high-speed conditions. Let Gulf Syntrac unlock your bike’s potential and give you an exhilarating experience on the road.